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Ground Protection Mats

Ground Protection Mats

From just 52.94 per panel, Portatrack gives you ground protection mats at a very cost effective rate. 

PORTATRACK Panels are manufactured from 12mm thick recycled polyethylene. They will take up to 30 tons and are virtually indestructible. The Standard panel has an embossed surface is suitable for all vehicle types. The Slip-resistant panel has grooves cut into the surface making it suitable for pedestrians as well as vehicles.

PORTATRACK - Standard Panel
PORTATRACK - Slip-resistant Panel

  • The panels weigh 33
  • Kgs and can easily be
  • handled by two men
  • No special tools or equipment are needed.

The panels can be laid Side by side to form a 2.44 m wide road, or end to end to form two trackways

We have supplied products to hundreds of Mobile Home parks and many Local Councils.

PORTATRAK Lightweight Mats 6mm thick weight 16Kg £ 52.94
PORTATRAK Standard Mats 12mm thick weight 32Kg £ 88.45
PORTATRAK Medium Mats 15mm thick weight 40Kg £110.30
PORTATRAK Heavy Duty Mats 18mm thick weight 50Kg £148.00

View our Ground Protection PDF for more information.


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