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Sportslawn Performance

The result of over 20 years experience in Tennis Court and Multi Sport Pitch construction. The SPORTSLAWN system is a combination of our unique SPORTSBASE panels and TIGER TURF artificial grass carpet.

Until now, it has always been necessary to first build a conventional stone and tarmac base and then lay an artificial grass carpet onto it. This involves heavy construction equipment, removal of tons of top soil and high cost.

The SPORTSBASE panels can be laid directly onto grass. It is only necessary to fill any hollows with sand to achieve a uniform platform upon which to lay the carpet. The interlocking design evens out any minor irregularities in the subbase.

  FA Performance
IBC Performance
Pass / Fail
Ball Rebound Resilience 600-10000mm 600-10000mm 833-861mm PASS
Ball Pace 45-80% 50-70% 57-63% PASS
Rotational Resistance 25-50 Nm --- 34.8-37.7 Nm PASS
Force Reduction Over 55% 60-75% 63.3% PASS
Vertical Deformation 4-12mm 4-10mm 8.08 to 8.11mm PASS
Slip Resistance --- 0.6-1.0 0.74 PASS
Ball Roll 4-10mts --- 7.0mts PASS

The SPORTSBASE panels are made from High Density Polyethylene and have been tested in all environments down to -20 degrees C. They also meet the European UV-10 (10 years protection) status.

The design of the extruded section of the SPORTSBASE panel provides good shock absorption, thus eliminating the need for expensive rubber shock pads.

SPORTSBASE panels will not rot, absorb water or degrade.


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